Trail Use

ATVs, motorized bikes and any motorized vehicles other than authorized maintenance vehicles are prohibited on the trails at all times!

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Watering Schedule

Manatee County restricts irrigation of existing lawns and landscaping to once a day, two times per week. Click here to see the current watering schedule based on your address.

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Open Burning

Did you know that open burning is prohibited in Manatee County without a permit? This includes the burning of yard trash! Click here for a short list of types of burns that are OK. Click here for the full Manatee County Open Burn Regulation.

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Change of Contact Information

Please notify the HOA of any changes in your email, phone or billing address by contacting Sunstate Management Group, our community association managers.

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HOA Dues

When paying your HOA dues, please make all checks out to 'Foxwood HOA' and be sure to include your lot number on the check too. Thank you!

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